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Omelle "Artist" in Wedding Style!
Thursday / 27 Aug 2009 / 02:06PM

For those future brides & wedding guests out there, Omelle makes a perfect pair for any occasion. Coincidentally Cherise came across this “Artist” spotting only days before her own wedding (see below). Great summer sales on the Spring/Summer collection will have your feet dancing in style at your summer and fall special occasions.

"Just Married!"
Thursday / 27 Aug 2009 / 02:00PM

It’s official, Cherise is married! Her wedding was amazing and she looked absolutely stunning. For those of you asking, Cherise had on a pair of custom Omelle shoes. I was happy to wear Actress to the rehearsal dinner and our new Fall ‘09 shoe, “Fiori” to the wedding. We will post some “official” professional photos in the future of Cherise and her handsome hubby, but here are some quick snapshots, including the group shot of the women in Omelle at the party. You’ve got to love when the bride promotes a special photo opportunity to anyone who wears Omelle to her own wedding. That’s brand commitment.

Our new fall collection should be up on by the week’s end. If you want to pre-order Fiori, just email for more information and to request a pre-order form. You can view the fall collection at by clicking the E, F, G & H groups.


School is cool.
Thursday / 27 Aug 2009 / 01:40PM

A few months back I did a quick interview with my original college in Detroit, Michigan. When my alumni newsletter came, I was surprised and happy to see some hometown support! Wayne State University is where I earned my first degree, a BFA with a concentration in Graphic Design. These skills haven’t left me for a second, as I still work in some freelance design and manage the Omelle marketing and branding materials. Thanks Judith & Charles!

Omelle Soup
Tuesday / 25 Aug 2009 / 03:05PM

I made alphabet soup for lunch today. All signs point to Omelle.

Omelle on / French Vogue!
Friday / 21 Aug 2009 / 07:43AM


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