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Hot Legs, Cute Shoes.
Wednesday / 27 May 2009 / 05:07PM

I have known Carrie, Founder of Pure Barre for many many years now. We go way back to Michigan days and her first Pure Barre studio. It was only natural that I became very excited to start going again after 4 years of withdrawal and no Pure Barre location in sight. Before I had moved to Los Angeles, this was my exercise of choice. Yes, it hurts. Yes, it’s almost like torture at times, but it works for my body type. Earlier this year a PB location opened in Brentwood. I have been going ever since! I really love the people at the Brentwood location. Marni loves our shoes, and she is so funny, you really should go check it out and tell her I sent you. She donated some Pure Barre gift certificates to our shoe party this past month, and while she was at the party trying on shoes, you desperately wanted to have her skinny little Pure Barre legs ASAP for your hot summer shoes.

"Ohhhh, My Omelle!" / Tea Cocktails.
Wednesday / 27 May 2009 / 05:06AM

Last month when we hosted our Omelle spring shoe party in Los Angeles,
Naja Tea provided drinks for our guests. The “Oh my Omelle” was one tea-infused cocktail which we couldn’t get enough of. Here is a little menu card for you so you can get the tea and make these special drinks at home! You can even buy the tea online. Perfect excuse to strut around in your Omelle shoes with your girlfriends or throw a shoe party of your own!

The Second Collection / Autumn/Winter 2009
Tuesday / 26 May 2009 / 04:18PM

Knits, Pockets, Envelopes, Hex – Oh My!
As you will see below our Spring/Summer 2010 preview sketch was featured in Footwear News today. As we started getting the thumbs up from customers and readers throughout the day, it occurred to me that we have kept our Autumn/Winter 2009 collection under tight wraps. The Fall 2009 shoes are not expected to hit stores + until late August or early September, but I wanted to make sure to give you a taste of what is to come. This season is directly inspired by some of my most favorite things which include knitwear, pockets and envelopes!
-Nicole LaFave

Omelle S/S 2010 Sneak Peek Sketch in FN!
Tuesday / 26 May 2009 / 11:00AM

My sketch for our Spring/Summer 2010 line was featured in Footwear News today! Just a taste of our summer collection for next year. We’ve introduced some new heels and kept the materials beautiful, delicate and playful. Kelsey (pictured above), is one of the “saucy” member’s of the group.

Hope you enjoy!

See the full article in Footwear News!

Shoe Parties!
Tuesday / 19 May 2009 / 05:49PM

Ali Landry loves Danika!

Gena, Emily, Dawn + Ali smile for omelle!

Cherise visit Dressed for the in-store omelle event.


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