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Spotted: Serena (Blake Lively) wearing omelle's "Cecilia" bootie on set!
Tuesday / 17 Mar 2009 / 08:32PM

Yes, it’s true! Cherise + I watch Gossip Girl. In fact one of our favorite memories of a long weekend in Italy involved a lot of back-to-back episodes from season 1 & 2. Today a friend emailed me this really fun surprise. Blake Lively (Serena) was “spotted” wearing omelle’s Cecilia spring bootie while shooting episodes for the new season! Watch all the shoes this season extra closely with us while you enjoy your guilty escape into the gossip world.

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Lights Out.
Thursday / 12 Mar 2009 / 10:11PM

We travel very often. With that said, I felt it was time to get a quality sleeping mask. My boyfriend also loves to stay up very late with the lights on in our loft. We constantly argue about what time “Lights Out” should be. It dawned on me that a sleeping mask would solve a lot of our troubles. I found this mask I was very excited to try it out. I’m still waiting for it to arrive. I promise to share my reviews on my next trip to Italy, or the next time I go to bed too early!

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