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New found love.
Wednesday / 25 Feb 2009 / 05:36PM

I wanted to share my new found love for this low fat frozen yogurt. Haagen-Dazs’s “dulce de leche” flavor does not taste low fat. In fact it tastes like on big giant piece of caramel. The perfect solution to a long day!


A box to keep!
Wednesday / 25 Feb 2009 / 12:17PM

Spring shoes are hitting stores as we speak and our webstore will be opening the first week of March! When you buy a pair of omelle shoes, you get a beautiful custom box. Each box will have a label on the outside with a photo I.D. of what’s inside! You can keep your closets very organized and practical! Our shoes are grouped each season by a source of inspiration. Each group is assigned to a letter which will run in alphabetical order throughout future seasons. For example, spring/summer 2009 will include the A, B, C + D groups. Each group contains shoes that have names starting with that letter. This will make it easy to catalog your shoe closets and your personal omelle collection if you chose.

Don’t keep your boxes? That’s okay!
You can keep your beautiful box for storing paper, stationary, knitting projects or things around the house. If you really want to make sure to recycle, you can ship your boxes in great condition back to us.

Mardi Gras!
Monday / 23 Feb 2009 / 09:42PM

Did you know Cherise Angelle, (my business partner in crime / President at omelle) is from Louisiana? We all need to wish her a happy Mardi Gras! She teaches a native Michigander like myself what Louisiana is all about.

A- Good Food
Mardi Gras means you must be eating King Cake. Check it out!

B- Good Music
If you haven’t heard the song about Louisiana on a saturday night, you should! Mardi Gras is the perfect excuse to put on your best (omelle) shoes and go dancing! One of our favorite retailer’s is in Louisiana! Go visit Victoria’s and say hi to Paula! She’ll help you get some omelle shoes on those dancing feet.

C- Good Fun
There are such things called drive-thru daiquiris in Louisiana. I swear to this day it was one of the most cooky experiences I have had, and at the same time completely awesome.

A perfect fit. (barely)
Sunday / 15 Feb 2009 / 09:42PM

Cherise + I were were in a tight squeeze this past trip we took to Italy! We went to review our final autumn/winter 2009 sample collection, and the shoes were looking delicious! It was off from Milan to New York to kick off selling season at the Soho House when we ran into one big problem. The car (which might I add is very spacious), was 100% jammed packed with luggage and bags of shoes. It was absolutely hilarious. Cherise + I barely fit and Bow Bag barely made the ride. I also need to point out that all of this crazy luggage traveled in and out of cars + airports for the next week, and truthfully, it hasn’t stopped. Cherise + I are starting to get dirty looks at the airport. I really hope they don’t think we pack that much!

Buyers + retailers, you’re invited to stop by the Soho House during New York Fashion Week. We’ll be showing there all week, and than off to the Paris Premiere Classe show in March! If you want to shop the new collection, please contact Jennifer Jedda at to set up an appointment!

- Nicole LaFave

featured shoetale fan #1
Sunday / 15 Feb 2009 / 01:48PM

omelle’s youngest fan #2 from Nicole LaFave on Vimeo.
omelle’s youngest fan #1 from Nicole LaFave on Vimeo.

Featured shoes: Coralee in deep end perch + Cappy in rich black


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