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Omelle in Women's Wear Daily! (WWD)
Wednesday / 24 Sep 2008 / 08:51PM

Often times referred to as “The Bible” of fashion, Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) is one of our favorite daily fashion publications. After interviewing with Sophia Chabbott and meeting the WWD team during NY Fashion Week, Omelle was featured in yesterday’s Tuesday issue to kick-off some great press for the brand!

You can also view the article here: / Duo Aims for Luxe Shoes With a Twist

Jennifer Jedda, Sales Director of Omelle!
Saturday / 20 Sep 2008 / 02:18PM

Omelle has hired Jennifer Jedda as Sales Director! We do realize with a name like this, she is quite likely to become the next super-hero of Omelle’s team. Jennifer comes from a little island off the east coast of the U.S. called Long Island. She says, ”...people here are pretty strange and I fit in perfectly.” Clearly, she is a perfect match for Omelle. With a great personality and an extensive background in fashion and sales in the luxury market, Jennifer landed in our shoes by leaving Chloé, where she was working in sales for the past seven years.

Learning Metric.
Wednesday / 10 Sep 2008 / 05:41AM

Meet the metric Omelle heel! Math and geometric shapes inspired by furniture legs have never looked so good (I love Eames chairs). We’ve been dying to share our edgy secret weapon with you during development. Last year we started early and worked closely with a heel maker to develop interesting new heels with a new support angle. After a lot of precise planning, patience and working with a great team, the end results are positively in shape and holding up.


Travel Tips You Can't Live Without!
Friday / 05 Sep 2008 / 03:53PM

CHERISE’S TIP: The probability that I receive my luggage when traveling to Italy on the day I arrive is currently at 50%. To avoid having your bag look like mine & arriving two days after you have arrived, here are a few tips. When checking your luggage onto the flight, be sure to look at all bar codes placed on your bags & on your baggage claim ticket given to you to by the airline representative to be sure the numbers under the bar code are not cut off. Pack an extra change of clothes & toothbrush in your carry on to avoid purchasing a toothbrush for $20 (considering the current euro to dollar exchange rate). Also, place TSA approved locks on your luggage to avoid anything getting stolen out of your bag.

NICOLE’S TIP: After catching numerous colds on airplanes back and forth to Italy, I was lucky enough to come across a little tip in Rachel Zoe’s book, “Style A to Zoe: The Art of Fashion, Beauty, & Everything Glamour.” If you are prone to getting sick or want to avoid the stale air on your flights, Rachel suggests you dab a little neosporin inside the edges of your nose. This acts like a filter to the air you are breathing in! I know this sounds a little strange at first, but I swear that since I have been practicing this trick, I have been healthy and much happier traveling!

You can find Rachel’s book here:

SHOE-la-la! /Visit Omelle at Premiere Classe, Paris!
Monday / 01 Sep 2008 / 03:51AM

Luxury retailers & buyers are invited to shop the Omelle Spring / Summer 2009 collection! Please email our Sales Team to make an appointment. We hope to see you there!

SHOW: Premiere Classe / October 3-6 / Les Tuileries – Paris / Booth – Aisle 2, Booth 202


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