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Feeling Inspired.
Tuesday / 15 Jul 2008 / 05:19PM

We always find the process of design very interesting, therefore we wanted to share our inspiration for the Spring/Summer 2009 Omelle launch collection. Cherise & I are constantly collecting inspiration from all sorts of sources. We have piles of tear sheets, cupboards of material swatches and iphoto libraries overflowing with beautiful images and color palettes. We look at fashion, read about design, absorb ourselves in textiles, and look at elements outside of footwear such as graphic design and furniture. As the Omelle collection is getting ready to launch, here is a little insight as to how we organize the first steps of establishing direction before we begin our initial thumbnails and sketches.



Trattoria Sostanza
Tuesday / 15 Jul 2008 / 05:18PM

After spending over two months in Italy over a six month period, Nicole & I have eaten in many trattorias. I must admit my personal favorite is Trattoria Sostanza. The unassuming establishment is filled with communal tables, which provokes chatting with people from all over the world. Besides the fact that I love socializing with everyone at the table, my favorite dish on the menu is petti di pollo al burro, chicken breast poached in brown butter, deliziosi!

Buon appetito!


It's time to RSVP to The Collections at WSA!
Monday / 14 Jul 2008 / 08:44AM

You can’t miss it. The luxe copper foil stamped invitations have gone out! Make sure to contact our sales team to set up your appointment for WSA in Las Vegas, July 28th-31st. Our promise: PRETTY SHOES!

Not going to WSA? You can make an appointment to see us in New York during FFANY. Contact now to RSVP and set up your appointment.

Lesson 1 - Footwear Last
Sunday / 13 Jul 2008 / 05:15PM


The shoe last represents the anatomical information of the foot, at the same time giving the shoe a pleasing & fashionable appearance. A shoe last is designed for a particular heel height, toe shape, and type of footwear. Different styles of shoes require lasts with different characteristics. For instance, an open toe sandal will require a last broader at the toes to allow the toes to spread out when walking in the sandal, and a boot last is designed to hug the instep for a closer fit. When a heel height varies on the same sandal last, a new last must be created in order for the shoe to balance & fit properly.

When developing the Spring / Summer 2009 collection, Nicole & I designed six last shapes. Each season, we will develop new lasts to keep each collection looking unique & fresh.

Cherise Angelle


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