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Get Box Happy.
Sunday / 25 May 2008 / 10:19AM

When Cherise and I started Omelle, we vowed that we would pay attention to design and detail at all levels of operation. To name a few, this included the logo, printed collateral, invoices, fax cover sheets, stationary and of course, the shoe box! We visited an Italian box maker in Italy and watched craftsmen & women work on box after box for many different products. I was amazed to see how much work goes into a single box that often times gets over looked. I was all smiles standing in the box factory with the fresh smell of paper and the sounds of die cutting and embossing machines. The truth about my paper obsession and graphic design background were hard to keep under control. It was equivalent to letting Cherise play with a new set of Le Creuset pots and pans.

Our concept was to design custom packaging that is not only reflective of the brand and creativity of our products, but also encourages our customer to keep the shoe box for shoe storage or for many other uses. The Omelle box is made with quality materials and the result is a beautifully designed box you will keep, cherish and REUSE!

Wait! There’s more. I assure you the box is fantastic, but the luxurious shoes inside will not arrive lonely. Stay tuned for sneek peak at what’s dying to come out of the box.

Nicole LaFave


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