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Meet Actress.
Monday / 27 Oct 2008 / 12:09PM

Happy Halloween!
Monday / 27 Oct 2008 / 08:11AM

Omelle on the cover of Footwear News!
Monday / 20 Oct 2008 / 12:30PM

While showcasing the spring/summer 2009 collection at Premiere Classe in Paris, Cherise & Nicole were asked by Footwear News to participate in an article featuring Omelle and four other emerging designers/brands. The photo shoot was conducted in the gardens of the Tuileries while all of the designers shared stories about their experiences in the footwear industry.

You can also view the article here: / Noveau Classe

Creepy Feet.
Sunday / 19 Oct 2008 / 02:17PM

Tis the season for werewolves, skeletons and witches. In my opinion the best way to celebrate halloween this year could be a fabulous new pair of shoes. I recommend the skeleton shoes or the werewolf fur boots. You are bound to turn heads with these hot new kicks.

Happy Halloween!

Alphabet Shoes.
Thursday / 16 Oct 2008 / 02:45PM

Omelle loves organization. It’s part of our branding and our personalities. When Cherise + I started the company, we promised to always pay close attention to detail at every level of operation in the business. This meant designing the shoes, the way our business plan looked or the way our paperwork was designed, just to name a few examples. Everything is designed, or has an Omelle touch. We knew we needed to make naming the shoes more of a branded process when we launched our first collection, so we made it a fun naming game with a purpose.

The rules:
Each group (“theme”) within a season is titled a letter, in alphabetical order. Spring/Summer 2009 introduced A, B, C + D. You will see E, F, G + H for Autumn/Winter 2009. This will continue until it starts all over again. Each shoe name within a group has to begin with the letter of the group it falls under. The shoes can be a name, a person, place, thing, animal, even a profession or adjective.

To make things more interesting sometimes we name our shoes by sitting with our binder of drawings and each of our top picks of names written on little pieces of paper. We try to split the names equally and Cherise + I each get to pick our own for the mix. Blind-folded, we begin to pull names out as we flip from front to back of our binder and assign names by chance.

The name game isn’t always entirely random and some shoes have a personality that deserves a specific name. And now your closets can be cataloged in alphabetical order, or you can collect Omelle shoes from each season to start your own library. In the future, you will start to see other reasons for our little game, and I promise it’s worth the wait!

Nicole LaFave


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